Dog Training Advice For Training Your Best Friend

Dog training advice should be fun and easy to follow. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have training should be something you enjoy. Dog training advice should be something that you love to read about more then anything. The knowledge that you can get from books, videos and everywhere else should be something you need to read if you own a dog. If you think that training your dog is something that you have to do, then you will have a hard time doing it. It is better to train your dog and enjoy it so that way your dog will enjoy you more. I want to give you some dog training advice that will help you train your dog when you start.

1. Training your dog will be something you do all the time. You may think that it stops when they get older but you still need to remind them of what they have learned. So it is a good idea to make time to train your dog, set some time aside each day, and don’t rush it. Some days may take longer then others.

2. If you want a dog just as a dog then you will want to keep the training simple. But if you want a dog as a friend and someone that you will be with all the time, then dog training advice is something you want to cherish and put love into it. In the first stages of training you want to keep it simple anyway, puppies are really hard to teach because all they want to do is play. You will want to improve more as your dog gets older.

3. Setting aside time will ensure that you are in the right mind. The last thing you want is to come home from work, tired and not into it, and then get mad and frustrated. Your dog will notice that kind of stuff. This is a really important factor when training your dog, you do not want your dog to be scared of you at all. If you do start to get frustrated call it a day and start again the next day. Just make sure when you do call it a day that you make it up. You want to keep your dog on a schedule, just like everything else. Also, if you do have a long and tiring day at the office, it just may be a good idea not to work with your dog. But be careful you don’t want to miss to many days in a row.

4. Keep the training short and sweet. Just like I said before your dog doesn’t have a long attention span when they are a puppy. So have short training time will be good, then a little long as they get older. You still want to get as much as you can out of one training secession.

5. When you and your dog are together make sure that you treat them the same everywhere you go. Don’t do things different when your at home, and then another when your at the park. Starting at the same time and place is key when training your dog. It may confuse your dog if you train at different places and he will get side tracked if there is a lot going on. So do it somewhere that he will listen and pay attention to you.

This is some of the best dog training advice that I can give you. Always remember that your dog just wants to make you happy. All they know is love, so if you show love back and follow these steps then training your dog will be a breeze. If for some reason you are having a hard time, then you may want to do things a little different. There are a lot of books and courses that will help you and that will give you dog training advice but if you need more help with training your dog then I would definitely take a course.