What Makes You Stand Out As a Life Coach?

There are thousands of life coaches, business coaches, personal coaches and executive coaches all competing for the same clients. Every one of them is offering the same thing – Coaching. In such a competitive marketplace what is going to make you stand out from the competition, what is going to give you the a competitive edge? As many coaches will testify, ultimately it may be your marketing skills rather than your coaching ability that determines the success of your business.

In competitive markets it is not always the best products that become a marketing success. History is littered with great products that are no longer around; they disappeared because they lost the marketing battle. Do you remember 8 Track stereo? No, not many people do, that’s the price you pay for losing the marketing battle, even though in the ’70’s it was far superior to its rival the compact cassette.

In the ’80’s it was VHS impressive marketing verses Betamax impressive quality and we all know who won that battle. Actually it was no contest.   Similar battles are being waged right now. Blu-Ray verses HD-DVD is a good example similar technologies yet the Blu-Ray has more storage capacity so can play higher quality films. HD-DVD struggles to match this but has a better marketing platform. Any guesses which format will win out in the end?   Exactly the same market forces apply to everything, including coaching. Whilst all coaches believe they have the best product; that is rarely enough to secure business on its own. Marketing that product is the key to success. It stands to reason that anything that gets you noticed, attracts potential clients or improves your service over other coaches is bound to give you an edge.   However there are few marketing services for coaches available that actually deliver a competitive advantage. One interesting option is coaching-success.org which allows coaches to use its online personality profile as a marketing tool.

The concept is quite simple, and you can easily try out the marketing tool for life coaches [http://cstest.coaching-success.org] for yourself; visitors to the coach’s website are offered a free profile which, based on their personality preference, talks of the benefits of coaching.   The coach can then use this information to follow up the prospective client. Because the reports are customised with the coach’s details it all looks like a seamless part of their personal service. This allows the visitor to ‘interact’ with the coach and get a feel for their service whilst getting a valuable profile. This alone is often enough to prompt more business as one said Many potential clients research business coaches before agreeing to a face-to-face meeting. Having a way for them to interact with me via the website has increased my appointment rate”.   Other coaches have found that this type of personalised promotion has a positive effect on the number of visitors to their website reporting that “The traffic to my website has increased by 220% and is steadily increasing – it’s just amazing how word of it has spread.” Perhaps this is because there is a viral element to the process, visitors who have received the free report mention it to friends who are curious enough to visit themselves.   Becoming a qualified life coach is the easy bit, it’s finding the clients that’s hard is a sentiment that many coaches would have some empathy with. You have probably found that becoming a qualified coach is only the first step on the road to becoming a successful coach. Making a living as a life coach involves building a business. That means; making contacts, engaging with potential clients, converting clients, marketing your service, building a presence in the marketplace and most importantly standing out from the competition. And let’s face it the marketplace is tough at the moment, so anything that gives you the edge must be worth considering.