The Importance of Learning to Write Articles to Promote Your Online Business

If you learn how to write articles to promote your online business, then you will have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Article marketing is a very effective promotional technique these days, and is now one of the preferred methods of promoting your business. In fact, if you don’t submit articles that are related to you niche or your product to article directories, you are losing out on a large number of potential customers.

Not only are your articles read, contrary to what some who are ignorant of the effectiveness of the technique might tell you, but they are read over a long period of time. A typical article of mine will have received around 250 reads about two weeks after submission, but over 2,000 after several months. That is one article. Think your potential custom if you wrote two or three articles every week.

It doesn’t take long: I can write three top class articles every hour. Don’t believe those that tell you they can write an article in 10 or 15 minutes – they are either lying, or are writing shallow articles that will impress nobody. For real success in article marketing you have to know how to write articles that look professional, are grammatically as near perfect as you can get and provide real information.

Yes, I too have read that grammar doesn’t matter as long as you get the message across. Not so! Would you want to visit the website of somebody that cannot write properly without making schoolboy bloomers – articles that display a distinct lack of knowledge of the English language?

Don’t tell me that English might not be their first language! Mostly it is, but if not then they should employ a ghostwriter than can write grammatically (that one word is correct). I wouldn’t dream of trying to write an article in any language but my own, and had I the need to publish one in another language, I would employ a native of that country to write it for me. It is that attention to detail that instills confidence.

I won’t buy from you, or even visit your website, if you won’t take the trouble to make sure that I can understand what you are writing in my language. It is very important, which is why you should employ a ghostwriter if you cannot write in grammatical English yourself.

However, language aside, there is another way to offer your customers good looking articles without the ongoing expense of a ghostwriter. You can learn how to write articles yourself. You will then be able to write when needed, such as when you require a boost of traffic, or when you see your Google PageRank dropping a bit. You can easily give both a good boost with a few well-written articles submitted to the top 20 or more article directories.

If anybody tells you that only need to submit to one, they are either lying or need some instruction themselves. Article marketing is a skill that has to be learned, but once you understand it, and have learned how to write articles and use them to their maximum advantage, you will never look back.

OK, lots of people can write, but most of the articles they write are pathetic. That requires a special skill to be done properly, and that is a skill that can be taught. How to choose the right keywords, for example, and then how to use them to construct a compelling title.

After the title, the first paragraph is critical, and then you have to follow the theme without over-use of the principal keyword. The final paragraph is equally crucial, and the resource is the crux of entire article: without a great resource you might as well not bother writing the article.

The resource is so undervalued by most people, that even ghostwriters don’t include it in their service. That is unbelievable ignorance and a total misunderstanding of what article writing for the purpose of article marketing is all about!

If you take the time and effort to learn how to go about writing articles for publication, learn the relative importance of element of the articles and how write them for maximum effect, and how to make sure that your articles are submitted to the right directories then you will have done all that you can do to promote your website.

Add to that a resource that will compel readers to click on to the web page you have chosen as the target in each article, then you should be successful in driving masses of traffic to your site, both by means of direct readers of your articles, and of the listings that your articles will get on Google and the other search engines as pages on highly ranked article directories.

These factors combine to underline the importance of using article marketing to promote your online business, and learning how to write articles properly, and how to use them to their utmost effect in promoting your online business and driving traffic to your website, will be crucial if you are to achieve the maximum success of which you are capable.

How to Write & Sell Articles & Features

If you’re more practically minded and don’t think writing fiction is for you then this could be. It’s the non-fiction alternative…writing articles and features!

Writing articles isn’t half as difficult as some people make out. Let’s be honest, it’s not like writing a bestselling novel. It’s quick, it doesn’t take years to succeed. You don’t need any qualifications or previous writing experience…and you only need fairly basic writing skills. If you can read articles in newspapers and magazines, well, you can probably write them successfully as well.

You can write and sell articles and features about whatever you like and would enjoy writing about. The very best way to start is to start writing is on something you already know about. That way, you won’t even need to do any research!

How about writing on these subjects: pets, children, politics… history, food and cookery, local news, current affairs, DIY, the environment, crime, motoring, money, consumer issues, book reviews, hobbies, travel and holidays (one of the very best things to write on!). You could write for the women’s pages, or even be an ‘agony aunt’. The list is endless.

As ever, before you start writing research your market. Pop along to your local library reading room or newsagents and pull out all the magazines on your chosen subject, and newspapers which have sections on that subject. Note the subjects, style, tone and length of the articles already published carefully. Keep yours within similar guidelines…don’t try to be too different or controversial initially.

Good tip. Don’t forget writing articles and features for the Internet. You can sell articles to magazines and newspapers but don’t forget websites many of which now publish articles and features. This is probably the fastest growing sector of the article market and there’s massive demand for good content. These are a fast growing market and the advantage is that they usually require shorter pieces – under 1,500 words and often under 500 words.

As most articles are short it’s a good idea to write a few and send them on a speculative basis to editors. Tell them that you have ideas for similar articles too, which will help stimulate their interest.

One of the best things about writing articles is that, if your articles don’t sell initially, you can tweak, edit, cut down or expand them and simply submit them to a different market until you find someone who wants to buy them. Once you’ve got one article published you’ll find it’s much easier to find more buyers for your articles.

More information. I’ve written and sold hundreds of articles over the years. Take a look at my own article writing course which explains exactly how to make money from writing articles. It’s here: